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  • The business case for being active on Facebook
  • All about newsfeeds, status updates, apps and profiles
  • How to get a Facebook vanity URL and embed a profile badge on a website
  • How memorialize the profile of a deceased Facebook member
  • How to search Facebook status updates on public profiles
  • Pages, terms of service, timelines, covers and promotions
  • How Greenpeace hijacked Nestle’s Facebook Page
  • What Ducati Motorcycles did wrong when they integrated Facebook into their website
  • How Amazon leveraged Facebook’s social web to power personal recommendations
  • What happened when BP’s Facebook Page was buried under an avalanche of comments
  • How to use Google Plus, the latest social network, and the business case for being there
  • How to use Pinterest for Business, and when it makes the most sense to leverage this social network
  • How to use the Facebook mobile app and how to upload photos from Instagram and Check-Ins from Foursquare
  • And much. much more


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